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Upcoming Events (Oct 11, 2009)

  • October 24 - 29, 2009 - 1oth World Wushu Championships to be held in Toronto.  Promo site.

  • November 7, 2009 - Jack Wong Kung Fu Open Invitational

What's New? (Apr 18, 2009)

CMAT 17 - The WCCMA wushu team pulls off another great job winning 9 medals at the 17th Annual Chinese Martial Arts Tournament held in Berkeley, California.  Owen Chau, Amy Lew, Daniel Iwamoto, Jeneva Beairsto, Nathan Chan, Bryanne Chan, Jordan Sum and Ryan Chan were excellent in their performances.  As usual photos of the event (and trip) can be seen in the Photo Gallery.  Videos will be available in the next few days.

Tiger Balm 2009 - Way to go WCCMA gang.  WCCMA pretty much dominated the wushu  events.  See pics of them in action, taolu and sanshou.

Videos - We have gathered a number of awesome YouTube videos on junior compulsory forms nicely organized by type, including clips from the 2008 World Junior Wushu Championships.  Click on Video Clips to see.  This is an excellent tool for learning new forms.

Past Events

September 20, 2008 - A big Jiayo to Justin, Jeremy, Celine, Jordan, Jeneva, Sam, Korey, Cameron, Ryan, Nathan and Bryanne who competed in the Canadian National Junior  Team Trials held in Vancouver.  Wonderful perfor-mances by all. The national team roster was primarily filled by members of Sunny Tang and Wayland Li martial arts schools who were flawless in their performances.

November 29, 2008 - Congra-tulations to the WCCMA members who participated in the 2008 Traditional Kung Fu Invitational.  Pictures from the event can be seen in the Photo Gallery.

December 7 - 14, 2008 - 2nd Junior World Wushu Champion-ships.  First gold medals ever to be won by Canadian athletes at any wushu championships. See news releases for results.

Upcoming Events (added Feb 13, 2009)

  • March 21 - 22, 2009 - The Tiger Balm Internationals.  Early bird registration ends Mar 10, 2009 (savings of $5 per event).  Here's a link to the official website.

  • April 11, 2009 - The 17th Annual UC Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament.  Registration opened Feb 3, 2009.  Early registration ends Feb 21.  You can get more details here.

Upcoming Events 2008 (added Sept 15, 2008)

There are more exciting events and competitions to come:

  • September 20, 2008 - Junior National Team Trials to be held here in Vancouver, qualifying members go to World Junior Wushu Championships Click here for more information.

  • Sending out a big Jaiyou to our team mates at the Junior Team Trials (Jeneva Beairsto, Bryanne Chan, Nathan Chan, Ryan Chan, Celine Choi, Sam Chu, Cameron Hong Tai, Jeremy Ko, Justin Ko, Korey Lee, Daylan Pritchard and Jordan Sum)

Upcoming Events 2008  (added Aug 7, 2008)

Mark your calendars, WCCMA is putting on its biggest and best performance yet.  On August 8, 7:00 am WCCMA will be putting on a demo at Aberdeen Centre in conjunction with the opening of the Beijing Olympics.  This is not a show to be missed.

Video in the finals (added Aug 01, 2008)

Bryanne's video has been selected as one of the 10 finalists in the Olympic Future Stars' contest.  Thank you for all your support.

The winner is decided by voting online. Please follow this link to check it out Bryanne's video

 The videos are also available on line for the 'personal favorirtes' check it out

Bryanne C. Wushu Video

Ryan C. Wushu Video

News Flash (added May 30, 2008)

Ryan & Bryanne are currently entered in a video contest in the US entitled 'Olympic Future Stars'. It is largely voting online, please follow these two links & vote for our West Coast members and of course have a look at their Really Great Videos!

Bryanne C. Wushu Video

Ryan C. Wushu Video

On that page you can vote in each (or all) of the five categories listed below:

The most potential small star

The most adventurous small star

Most lovable little star

The most innovative small star

The best small sport star

Don't forget to click on the send button with chinese charactors on the right.   Thanks



Road/Flying Trip to Berkely (added May 16, 2008)- HUGE SUCCESS (six podium positions).  Wushu wushu wushu from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm what a competition (450 Competitors).  Congratulations to all members of the WCCMA competitive team.

WCCMA Results:

• Jordan Sum - M Beginner CQ (8-12) Silver.

• Ryan Chan - M Intermediate CQ (8-12) 4th.

• Bryanne Chan - F Intermediate CQ (8-12) Bronze.

• Jeneva Bearisto F Intermediate CQ (13-17) 5th.

• Jeneva Bearisto F Intermediate GS (13-17) Bronze.

• Nathan Chan - M Advanced NQ (8-12) 4th.

• Nathan Chan - M Advanced SB (8-12) Silver.

• Lynden Chan - M Advanced NQ (13-17) Silver.

• Lynden Chan - M Advanced SB (13-17) Gold.

Click here for the official results page

Unfortunately senior team members Daniel Iwamota and Lee McHale were not well and unable to compete.

Big thanks to WCCMA roadies and cheering squad Seb Chau and Harry Chia.

Click here for pictures from Berkeley


Tiger Balm Internationals (added Mar 16, 2008). Jiayo to all Westcoasters participating in the Tiger Balm Internationals. As usual, our team did did a wonderful job.  Cameron our youngest member (6 yrs) won Grand Champion in his first competition. 

Congratulations to our first San Shou team, Harry, Seb, Koichi, Will and Jordon.  Click here for pictures from the Tigerbalm event.


WCCMA will be opening its new Richmond Full Time School in March 2008 (added Feb 25, 2008). Congratulations Sifu Bruce.

CCWO - Western Regional Chinese Martial Arts Championships  (added Dec 2, 2007)

West Coast had a fantastic showing at the CCWO - Western Regional Chinese Martial Arts Championships, taking numerous medals and three Grand Championship trophies.  Congratulations Team!  Click here for pictures.

Judging Regulations (added Dec 2, 2007)

For those interested in knowing how the sport is judged, here is a link to the Canadian Wushu Ferderation's General Judging Regulations page.

Jack Wong Traditional Kung Fu - Open Invitationals  (Nov 17, 2007)

West Coast dominated the Wushu Division at the Jack Wong Traditional Kung Fu tournament.  Congratulations Team.  Click here for pictures.

References  (added Oct 19, 2007)

Check out the international hand form and straight sword form on youtube.

Richmond Night Market Demo (added Aug 17th 2007)

The Coaches and kids put together a fantastic demo at the Richmond night market. Photos from this event can be found in the photo gallery under demos.

Canadian Team Trials (added Aug 16, 2007)

The kids from WCCMA have made their debut at the Canadian National Wushu Team Trials.   Despite being riddled with injuries, our team had a great showing.

Osric Chau made the Canadian Pan American Team and Owen Chau captured third in the the short weapons division.   Lynden, Amy, Lee, Xie Xie gave outsanding performances in their hand form routines. 

Unfortunately, Lynden, Amy and Lee suffered injuries and were unable to complete all their routines.  The final scores can be found at the Wushu Canada website.  Thier routines can be viewed from our Video Links page.

Wushu Kids Go for Gold (added July 2007)  

The senior kids at the club have a dedication to the sport that rivals top athletes.  The core competitive kids in this group are Lynden, Osric, Owen, Lee, Amy, Julie and Xie Xie .  Their hard work and perseverance is evident in their skills and abilities.  They “show” up at every practice giving 110%.  

The kids have also spent time training at the Beijing Sports University  in China to further hone their skills.  Their goal is the Canadian National Team, leading to the World Wushu games and ultimately the Beijing 2008 Olympics.  Good Luck Team!!!

Wushu Connection (added June 2007)  

Two years ago I virtually knew nothing about wushu.  My brother in-law’s two boys had been part of  a wushu club for the last few years and suggested that my kids give it a try.  I brought my son down to the gym to try it out and he immediately fell in love with the sport.  His excitement spilled over to his sister and convinced her to join the club as well.  We are now all hooked on wushu.

Coaches (added June 2007)  

The coaches at West Coast Chinese Martial Arts (WCCMA) Bruce Fontaine, Andrew Chin and Gao Ying have done a fantastic job with the kids.  The newest addition, Richard, the acrobatics instructor, complements the coaching staff at WCCMA


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